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Code for DC creates tools, information, and experiences that serve the District.
We kick off new projects every month. Browse the complete list, then get started.

Open Election Map

In collaboration with our local NPR affiliate, WAMU, we built a map to display the results of Washington DC's 2014 General Election. The map includes results for Mayor, Attorney General, and Initiative 71.

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ANC Finder

A project to explain DC's hyperlocal Advisory Neighborhood Commission system by pulling information scattered across the web into one place. ANCs make decisions that shape neighborhoods, but reliable information about them is hard to find. We aim to change that.

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Our DC Schools

Our DC Schools is a online resource that helps the public personalize and visualize changes in school district boundaries within the District of Columbia

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Bikeshare Odds

Bikeshare Odds is a tool that will use historical data to tell you what the chances are that your neighborhood bike share station will have a bike at a given time

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OpenDataDC is a public data catalog for and by the people of Washington, DC. It complements the catalog maintained by the city government at which houses official municipal data. Explore, upload, download and analyze!

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Open Schools

Choosing a school in DC can be confusing and we hope to support family decisions with data. We recognize that the "right" school for your children can be evaluated not just by standardized test scores, but by teacher turnover, parent involvement, special programming, community and more. We have built this tool starting with school populations by neighborhood, and gradually plan to add information we collect from the city, from NGOs, the private sector, and you!

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